GP minutes offer 2024 | Gp minutes offer 2024 code

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GP minutes offer 2024 | Gp minutes offer 2024 code,  All GP Minutes offers for 2024 have undergone some changes following a recent update. grameenphone is currently the leading telecommunications company in the country. They always keep an eye on the consumer. GP tries to analyze the likes and dislikes and needs and wants of their customers and targeted people. After proper market analysis, they design their package and minute offers in a way that can fulfill the wishes of their customers.

GP Minutes Offer 2024

The company GP Minutes offers packages from lowest price to highest price according to the customer’s requirement If they are low volume users, they can choose low price GP minute package and if they are high mobile users, they can buy high price. GP minutes offer package. On this page we publish all GP minutes offer 2023, you can easily choose the minutes package you want.

S-NoMinute Price  offer PackValidityDial Code
14 Tk8 Minutes4 Hours*121*4022#
26 Tk10 Minutes6 Hours*121*4024#
314 Tk18 Minutes12 Hours*121*4001#
416 Tk25 Minutes24 Hours*121*4207#
519 Tk27 Minutes24 Hours*121*4402#
624 Tk37 Minutes24 Hours*121*4002#
726 Tk38 Minutes24 Hours*121*4648#
829 Tk45 Minutes2 Days*121*4405#
936 Tk55 Minutes2 Days*121*3259#
1044 Tk65 Minutes3 Days*121*4003#
1148 Tk80 Minutes3 Days*121*4406#
1253 Tk77 Minutes+50 SMS7 Days*121*4004#
1359 Tk90 Minutes7 Days*121*4205#
1464 Tk100 Minutes7 Days*121*4206#
1574 Tk110 Minutes7 Days*121*4403#
1678 Tk120 Minutes7 Days*121*4026#
1799 Tk160 Minutes7 Days*121*4006#
18108 Tk180 Minutes7 Days*121*3260#
19124 Tk200 Minutes7 Days*121*4407#
20128 Tk210 Minutes7 Days*121*4008#
21132 Tk200 Minutes10 Days*121*4408#
22157 Tk200 Minutes15 Days*121*5074#
23174 Tk200 Minutes30 Days*121*4410#
24199 Tk310 Minutes+512 MB30 Days*121*4018#
25218 Tk330 Minutes+512 MB30 Days*121*4400#
26248 Tk400 Minutes30 Days*121*4401#
27258 Tk400 Minutes30 Days*121*4414#
28307 Tk500 Minutes30 Days*121*4208#
29318 Tk500 Minutes+512 MB30 Days*121*4415#
30339 Tk555 Minutes30 Days*121*3100#
31378 Tk600 Minutes30 Days*121*4411#
32488 Tk800 Minutes30 Days*121*4657#
33498 Tk350 Minutes+12 GB( 6GB+6GB Bonus)30 Days*121*3475#
34609 Tk1000 Minutes+1 GB30 Days*121*4209#
35727 Tk1200 Minutes+1 GB30 Days*121*3107#

Gp minutes offer 2024 code

Grameenphone Minute Package has major updates and changes in almost every bundle pack. They always provide several new offers for their customers. I have clearly mentioned the GP minutes offer list and GP other operator’s Minute Offers. Here, I have presented all the Grameenphone minutes offers.

Total Minuteoffer PriceActivation CodeValidity
10 MinutesTk.6*121*4024#06 hours
21 MinutesTk.14*121*4001#16 hours
25 MinutesTk.16*121*4207#24hours
37 MinutesTk.24*121*4002#24 hours
67 MinutesTk.44*121*4003#4 days
77 + 50 SMS MinutesTk.53*121*4004#07 days
100 MinutesTk.64*121*4206#07 days
120 MinutesTk.78*121*4026#07 days
125 MinutesTk.78*121*4026#07 days
160 MinutesTk.99*111*300#07 days
190 MinutesTk.117*121*4007#10 days
310+512MB MinutesTk.199*121*4018#30 days
350 MinutesTk.233*121*4008#15 days
480 MinutesTk.298*121*5074#30 days
500 Minutes+512MBTk.307*121*4208#30 days

GP recharge minute packs

Now, it is Grameenphone (GP) Recharge Based Minute Pack that you just recharge the amount of Minute Pack and buy Grameenphone Minute Package easily and enjoy this offer.

Recharge AmountPack DetailsValidity
14 BDT Recharge23 Minute16 Hours
24 BDT Recharge40 Minute24 Hours
44 BDT Recharge70 Minute4 Days
53 BDT Recharge85 Minute7 Days
59 BDT Recharge100 Minute7 Days
78 BDT Recharge125 Minute7 Days
99 BDT Recharge160 Minute7 Days
117 BDT Recharge200 Minute10 Days
199 BDT Recharge330 Minute30 Days
233 BDT Recharge400Minute15 Days
288 BDT Recharge500 Minute30 Days

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Conclusion GP minutes offer

In a world driven by digital communication, mobile operators like GP understand the value of minutes in maintaining personal connections and facilitating business interactions. The GP minutes offer list provides a range of options to cater to different communication needs, ensuring that you can stay connected at affordable rates.

Now, it’s your turn to choose the GP minutes package that suits you best and keeps you connected with your loved ones. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay in touch effortlessly.

FAQs GP minutes offer

What is the validity of GP Minutes Offers?
  • GP Minutes Offers come with various validity periods, ranging from one day to one month, depending on the package you choose.
Can I use GP Minutes for international calls?
  • No, GP Minutes Offers often include international minutes, Not allowing you to make calls beyond the borders of Bangladesh.

Are there any additional charges for subscribing to GP Minutes Offers?

  • Typically, GP Minutes Offers come at a fixed price, but it’s essential to check for any additional charges or taxes that may apply.
How do I subscribe to GP Minutes Offers?
  • You can subscribe to GP Minutes Offers by dialing a specific code provided by GP or through their official mobile app.

Can I check my remaining minutes balance?

  • Yes, you can check your remaining minutes balance by dialing a designated code or through the GP mobile app.

Are there any restrictions on the usage of GP Minutes Offers?

  • GP Minutes Offers are generally meant for personal use and may have limitations on commercial or bulk usage.

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