Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh 29-05-2024

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Are you looking for a Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh? Then you have come to the right website to know the prime bank remittance rate.

If you are wondering what is the Prime Bank Rate Today from Singapore To Bangladesh? Through this article, we will tell you what is the prime bank dollar rate from Singapore to Bangladesh today.

If you think you will send money from Singapore to Bangladesh. Then of course you can use Prime Bank. Prime Bank already has a branch in Singapore. You can easily send money from Singapore Prime Bank branches.

Prime Bank is also a famous bank in Bangladesh. It is the most reliable and safe bank in Bangladesh, You send money easily through Singapore Prime Bank, it provides very easy and fast response transactions.

Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh

In the dynamic world of finance, staying informed about prime bank rates is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. This article delves into the intricacies of the Prime Bank Rate, focusing on the contemporary scenario between Singapore and Bangladesh. Understanding how these rates fluctuate can empower you to make informed financial decisions.

Singapore Dollar ratePrime Bank Rate Today
1 Singapore Dollar87.25 Bangladeshi Taka.
  • Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh 1 Singapore Dollar is 87.25 Bangladeshi Taka.

What is today’s prime bank rate from Singapore to Bangladesh?

Bank remittance rates in Singapore today will be told through this article. Prime Bank exchange rates are high today, you can see Prime Bank’s current exchange rates in the table above.

As you know, the exchange rate changes daily. So if you want to know daily updates you can follow this website. We try our best to update this article on time every day.

Prime Bank is a very popular bank in Bangladesh. If you want to send money through Prime Bank, you need to check the rate daily.

When the exchange rate rises, you can send money to Bangladesh and get maximum benefits and remittances.

  • Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore exchange rate is 87.25 Bangladeshi Taka.

Today the Prime Bank exchange rate in Singapore

Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore exchange rate is 87.25 Bangladeshi Taka. There are many banks and you know only prime bank gives good rates.

Most Singaporean visitors and workers exchange Bangladeshi taka at Agrani Bank or Prime Bank.

If you want to transfer money, you can use Agrani or Prime Bank. Both banks are very good. Also, get the best exchange rate through these two banks.

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Singapore Prime Bank Contact Details

If you are in Bangladesh, you can call Prime Bank Center Hotline: 16218 You can also email Prime Bank: [email protected].

Many people are looking for Prime Bank contact and email addresses in Singapore. If you are one of them, here you will find all the contact details of Singapore Prime Bank.

Prime Bank Singapore Headquarters

  • Phone Number: (+65)63924996, (+65)63924829
  • Fax No: (+65)63924838
  • Address: (2A Desker Road) (2nd Floor) (Singapore – 209549)

What is Today’s Prime Bank Rate in Singapore

Dear Singapore expatriates, Bangladesh government has announced 2.5% bonus for those who send money to Bangladesh through Prime Bank, So those of you who send money from Singapore to Bangladesh must do the transaction through the bank because the bank is the only safe and easy transaction medium.

  • Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore exchange rate 1 Singapore Dollar = 87.25+2.5% Taka.

How much is 1 Singapore dollar to Bangladeshi taka

1 SGD = 87.25+2.5% Bangladeshi Taka. today. If you have any request or question, please put it in the comment box and we will answer your question as soon as possible. Thanks for reading my article.


All expatriates who want to send money from Singapore to Bangladesh through Prime Bank. must read Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh article because through this article I will inform you about the money rate of the Singapore branch every day through this post. so you must visit my website every day and know Prime Bank Rate Today Singapore To Bangladesh.

FAQs about the Prime Bank

How often does the Prime Bank Rate change?
  • The frequency of rate changes depends on economic conditions. It can vary from a few times a year to longer intervals.
Who sets the prime bank rate?
  • Central banks, such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Bangladesh Bank, set the prime bank rate.
How can changes in the prime bank rate affect exchange rates?
  • Changes in the prime bank rate can influence demand for currencies, which in turn can impact exchange rates.

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